Google presents five different doodles for Halloween

Publish date 31 October 2014
Google presents five different doodles for Halloween image

The English-speaking world traditionally celebrates Halloween today.

The Catholic holiday of All Saints, as well as the ancient Celtic holiday, is a fun carnival for children and adults on the night of October 31 against November 1.

In addition to the traditional decoration of pumpkins and traditional objects, the holiday dictates that children walk around the neighbors in scary costumes, receiving candy in exchange for a promise not to spin the numbers.

The holiday itself dates back to the ancient Celts, who celebrated their New Year at the end of October. It is believed that on this night the dead come to earth, so people wore scary costumes to scare them.

In an attempt to replace the pagan ritual, in 853 Pope Gregory IV established November 1 as All Saints' Day - to celebrate all Christian saints and martyrs.

Nowadays, Halloween is a popular holiday in all parts of the world. That's why today the Google search engine surprises us with five different "scary" doodles.

See the images here: