10 tips for safe use of bank cards

Publish date 30 October 2014
10 tips for safe use of bank cards image

We all have at least one debit or credit card. What do we need to know to prevent abuse?

The world's first security sticker against bank card withdrawals by the SkimProt team summarizes ten things to look out for. Read them:

1. The PIN code or personal identification number, which is handed to us in the bank in a sealed envelope together with the card, is a secret code. Once we remember the PIN, we should destroy the envelope, as well as change the code with another, easier to remember than us. Every ATM allows us to do this.

2. The PIN codes most commonly used are 1234, 1111, 0000, 1212, even 6969. If your code is similar, you should change it immediately.

3. Under no circumstances should you write down your code on a piece of paper to keep in your wallet or mark it on the card. In this way you give a certain chance to thieves to steal your money.

4. It is advisable when you decide to withdraw your money from an ATM, to choose the one that is in a busy and bright place, especially if you withdraw your money in the evening.

5. When withdrawing money, make sure there is no one around you at least 1-2 meters.

6. When entering your code, it is advisable to close the ATM keyboard with one hand.

7. When using an ATM indoors, requiring the use of the card to open the door, you should not allow strangers to enter the room with you.

8. When you decide to use an ATM, do not leave your car unlocked or with the engine running. This may seem like unnecessary advice, in the sense of this article, but it is a common phenomenon in our country and is the reason for the theft of many cars.

9. When using your online payment card, make sure the page you're about to shop from is secure. You can check this by changing the site address from http to https, and a "padlock" or "key" appears in the lower right corner of the page.

10. Last but not least, you should inspect the ATM before inserting the card. And if you notice something wrong, such as a misplaced keyboard or suspiciously attached parts, you'd better look for another device.

However, you should be aware that despite all the precautions, it is not guaranteed that we will fight the thieves, who are increasingly ingenious. With all this in mind, it may seem to you that the SkimProt security sticker, which offers protection for your card, is a reasonable investment.

SkimProt sticks to the card's magnetic stripe and hides the information stored on it.

Source: Insurance.bg