Five traffic jams blocked Sofia in March

Publish date 05 February 2014
Five traffic jams blocked Sofia in March image

Five new traffic jams await drivers in Sofia in March. Then the major repairs of the boulevards "Tsarigradsko Shosse", "Botevgradsko Shosse", "Nikola Mushanov" and "Ovcha Kupel" began.

As early as the end of February, the preparatory works and the construction of the two-storey crossroads near the Lion's Bridge started. The municipality assures that none of the boulevards will be completely closed, but there will be traffic congestion. Closure is planned only at the Lion's Bridge, and traffic will be stopped first on the northern lane of Slivnitsa Blvd.

The municipality will invest over BGN 46 million in the 5 sites. Financing has also been provided for the expansion of T. Kableshkov and Opalchenska boulevards. Construction will begin after the expropriation is completed, 24 Chasa reported. "Repairs will be made without stopping the traffic, so that there are minimal difficulties for traffic. We strive to have stages of the sites to provide alternative routes," explained Deputy Mayor for Transport Lyubomir Hristov.

The list for the summer includes the repair of 2.2 km from Slivnitsa Blvd. - between K. Velichkov and P. Dertliev Boulevards. The project also includes the rehabilitation of the overpass at Zaharna Fabrika, which was built in the 1960s. years. The renovation will cost BGN 6 million and will last from July to August. Then the re-asphalting of GS Rakovski Street between Knyaz Dondukov Blvd. and Kozloduy St. will begin. In addition to new road surface, curbs, sidewalks, drainage, pockets for garbage containers and accessible environment will be made there. The renovation is for BGN 1 million and will last until August. There will be asphalt instead of pavers on Prague Blvd.

The section from Gen. Skobelev Blvd. to P. Slaveykov Blvd. will be repaired. Arrangement of the curbs, reconstruction of the sidewalks, new lighting and construction of drainage are planned. The renovation will cost BGN 1.5 million and will last from August to September. The asphalt will also replace the cobblestones on Kumata and Narcissus streets. Drainage and pockets for garbage containers, new curbs, sidewalks and lighting will be built there.

The site also includes repairs to the bridge on the Dragalevska River for BGN 4.5 million, which will be done in the summer. Then began the reconstruction of the crossroads at the "Russian Monument". The roundabout there will expand and become three lanes. For this purpose, it is planned to shift the railway to Skobelev Blvd.

After consulting Sofia residents from 2013, the pavement will be replaced with asphalt. The project includes new sidewalks, plumbing, piping and street poles. It is planned to plant 38 trees and hedges. A new recreation area will be formed between Macedonia Blvd. and Skobelev Blvd. In addition to the new sites, there will be problems with movement by the end of July at the Seminary. There, from March 1, cars will move only 1 lane in one direction due to the construction of an overpass. Lion Bridge - on 3 levels Lion Bridge will become a transport hub on 3 levels. At ground level there will be a roundabout and a bike path. Two new arched bridges will be built around the Lion Bridge, which will form the circle. Only the tram traffic on the old bridge will be preserved. The roundabout will have 2 lanes. Below will be 2 transport subways on Slivnitsa Blvd. with 2 lanes each. Restoration of the Lion Bridge is also planned. The site is for BGN 22.2 million. The construction should start this month and last 8 months. In the first stage, the northern lane of Slivnitsa Blvd. will be closed and the southern lane will be two-way. Then - the opposite.

The pavement on Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd. is being changed. The rehabilitation of Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd. from GM Dimitrov Blvd. to Al. Malinov Blvd. starts in March. It includes complete rehabilitation of the overpasses at "4th kilometer" and "Al. Malinov". The works include milling, re-asphalting, repairing defects on the road base and filling cracks. New curbs and sidewalks will be made. Street lighting will be replaced with energy saving ones.

New street shafts and shutters will be built. The project also includes repair of the suspended ceilings, facings, pavements, steps and railings of the subways at Orlov Most and the District Hospital, and for the latter it is planned to build 3 elevators. The repairs will be done in stages. There will be traffic restrictions, but the boulevard will not be completely closed. The value of the site is BGN 10.5 million. The works will continue until the end of the summer.

They are also repairing five bridges with Botevgradsko Shosse. In March, the repairs of Botevgradsko Shosse Blvd. from Letostruy Street to the ring road will begin. The section is 10.5 km long. In addition to new asphalt, the project includes a complete overhaul of the 5 bridges and 5 subways. The repairs will be carried out in stages with traffic restrictions, but without completely closing the boulevard. It will cost BGN 9.6 million and will last until the end of July.

New sidewalks on Mushanov Blvd. and Ovcha Kupel Blvd. In a month, the repairs on N. Mushanov Blvd. between Vazkresenie Blvd. and Zhitnitsa St. and on Ovcha Kupel Blvd. "Zhitnitsa" next to "Tsar Boris III" Blvd. The two sections have holes, patches and deformations on the road surface, and the sidewalks are broken. The first is 1600 m long and the second 1500 m. The works, which will continue until June, include replacement of the road surface, replacement of the paving with asphalt, repair of the drainage, construction of new sidewalks and curbs, replacement of street lighting and construction of pockets for garbage containers.

The activities will comply with the requirements for an accessible environment. The repairs will cost BGN 3.1 million, with no closure of the sections, but only traffic restrictions.