Rare and expensive cars

Publish date 07 February 2014
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Detroit. At the Detroit Motor Show, Porsche showed a new generation sports model 911 Targa, designed in the style of the classic of the same name from the 60's. What such interesting and rare cars you can buy online or at auction?

Ferrari 246 GTS Dino Convertible, model 1973
Seller - Drive Source (USA)
Price - $ 298,500

The Ferrari 246 GTS Dino is not the rarest "black horse" in history. The model was produced from 1972 to 1974, during which time about 3,500 units were released from the Maranello factory. 1274 of them are of the "targa" type. However, this does not prevent the car to cost a lot of money. One of them, produced in March 1973 (a year after its official debut), sold in the United States for 298,500 dollars. Just looking at the car makes it clear why it costs so much - because it's beautiful! The seller claims that most of the details of this 246 GTS are original. At first this car was blue, but then one of the owners repainted it red. The engine is a 2.4-liter with about 200 hp. The mileage is 125,000 km, which makes about 3000 km per year from the date of production. This also explains the high price, because $ 300,000 for the Dino model is nothing. Others cost much more.

Triumph TR4A IRS Surrey Top Roadster, model 1967
Seller - Kastner & Partners Garage (USA)
Price - $ 32,500

Triumph TR4A is not the most beautiful car in the world. Some wouldn't even call him cute. Especially because of its headlights. Tastes vary, and design is not the main value of

TR4A. Because this model is called the "mother" of "auction". It appeared on the market in 1965, and the car in question - 2 years later. Since 1971, it has belonged to only one owner. This Triumph has spent most of its life in sunny California, there is no rust, and the interior is in almost perfect condition. It is also equipped with an optional independent rear suspension. The engine is a 2.1-liter with 104 hp. If you like such cars - hurry up!

Porsche 911S Soft Window Targa, model 1967
Seller - PORSport.com (USA)
Price - $ 229,900

We can not fail to mention the model, which for many embodies this type of body. Porsche 911, of course. In this case, this is the S version with 180 hp, produced in 1967. It is the year of production is the main in this car, because in 1968 the rear window of all 911s with body targa became fixed, and not as in this instance. For almost half a century of history, the car has undergone many restorations, which is completely natural. The last work on it was done in the 90s, after which it was not driven much. The engine is the original 6-cylinder.

Lancia Beta Spider, model 1982
Seller - a private person from Germany
Price - 6450 euros