Cheaper roaming from July 1

Publish date 09 June 2014
Cheaper roaming from July 1 image

From the beginning of next month, a new price per megabyte for data transfer in roaming will come into force - from 45 to 20 eurocents, charged per used kilobyte.

In addition, from 1 July, some mobile operators in Europe will allow you to choose a separate roaming agreement before you travel and, where possible, allow you to choose a local mobile operator when using data roaming.

The maximum prices for calls, text messages and web browsing from July 1 are reduced as follows:

Outgoing voice calls (per minute) from 0.24 euros to 0.19 euros
Incoming voice calls (per minute) from € 0.07 to € 0.05
Sending an SMS (for an SMS) from EUR 0.08 to EUR 0.06
Internet (data download, for MB) from 0.45 euros to 0.20 euros
In April, the European Parliament voted to abolish roaming charges in the EU by Christmas 2015. The measure is part of a broader proposal from the European Commission - a regulation for a "Connected Continent" (single market in telecommunications).

A final agreement on it is expected to be reached by the end of 2014.

The Connected Continent Regulation was proposed by the EC in September 2013. It aims to bring us closer to a truly single telecommunications market in the EU by eliminating roaming charges, ensuring an open internet for all (by banning content blocking). or reducing the speed of the connection when using a certain type of content), coordinating the procedures for issuing licenses for the use of radio frequency spectrum for wireless broadband communications and more benefits for users - transparent contracts for all types of Internet and easier switching to another provider .