How will we know the right insurance company

Publish date 05 March 2016
How will we know the right insurance company image

Difficulties of search

In fact, finding the insurance company with the most convenient offer that fits your needs is like finding a trusted business partner. For this reason, it is a difficult task to accomplish. The market offers a wealth and variety of companies and offers in the insurance field, including the unprepared client, who lacks the necessary knowledge and whose interest quite often (especially when looking for "Civil Liability") is to sign an insurance policy as soon as possible, has a chance to be misled. By beating and speeding up the search process without paying the necessary attention, the potential customer assumes a number of risks:

· Omission of more appropriate offers or promotions due to ignorance.

· Concluding insurance at an unfavorable price.

· Conclusion of insurance with unfavorable or not fully compliant with the needs conditions.

The insurance broker

To protect yourself from the listed unpleasant situations and their even more unpleasant consequences, which you would learn about too late, you can always turn to a competent person to save you the hassle of searching and other inconveniences. In such cases, only an insurance broker can come to the rescue. Having long established an unshakable name in the industry, thanks to its growing network of nearly 140 offices in different parts of the country, we are able to take care of about 250,000 insurance policies per year. With its reputation as a professional insurance brokerage company, I&G guarantees excellent service, as evidenced by the thousands of satisfied customers and partners of the company. When it comes to insurance, I&G is preferable to self-searching for companies and offers because:

· Carries out the search for an insurance offer according to the client's wishes.

· Complies the selection of companies and offers with individual customer needs.

· Looks for the best prices and promotions, the information about which is subsequently provided.

· He is always familiar with the current state of the insurance market.

· Strives to negotiate the best possible conditions for its client during the conclusion of the insurance policy.

· Assists in filing claims while the insurance policy is in force.

Adhering to the services listed so far, we at IG, as an outstanding insurance broker, will be able to easily find the insurance you actually need. Therefore, based on the advantages of the company, you can sketch the qualities with which you should be impressed by an insurance company, regardless of the type of insurance sought.

You can also see the insurance companies we work with.

Favorable prices

By habit, most consumers in the insurance market judge products first by price, and this often becomes their main quality criterion. Of course, this is a trend that is widespread throughout the trade sphere and is characteristic of the modern age in which we live. However, the low price and promotions can be very misleading and are not always a solid support on which you can afford to rely. The truth is that for every product, as well as for insurance, the rule of price corresponding to quality applies. Because the increase in the price of signing an insurance policy has a chance to turn out to be many times more expensive. The important thing about the price of insurance is to relate well to the terms of the contract. In fact, when signing an insurance policy, attention should be focused mainly on them, as well as when choosing between different offers, when the emphasis is again on conditions. They can then be related to the price, not the other way around.

Security and convenience

For the security and trust in an insurance company can guarantee above all its reputation - "secret" information, available only to those familiar with current changes and developments in the insurance market. In such situations, the specialists from "I" are always ready to help through consultation and expert opinion about an insurance company and the service it offers. As an established broker in this specific field, the company not only has the opportunity to collect various offers for its clients, but above all to select the most attractive ones. I&G saves a lot of inconvenience not only by canceling the client in the search, but also by taking over the function of a legal entity that represents him during the "negotiations" for signing the policy. Their invaluable legal support and the ability to sift through the appropriate proposals guarantee security and protection from unforeseen circumstances, dubious companies and uncomfortable conditions.