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Survey: Women are better drivers

Survey: Women are better drivers image

Women are better drivers than men in every way, the Press Association and the Daily Express reported. Ladies have better results not only on a practical test.

They performed much better when they were unknowingly observed at one of the busiest intersections in Britain - near Hyde Park in London.

For the study, 50 drivers passed a practical exam, while another 200 were observed passing through a busy intersection.

According to 14 indicators, the women scored 23.6 points out of 30 possible, while the men scored only 19.8.

According to one indicator - keeping a distance, 27 percent of men drove too close to the front car, while only 4 percent of women.

Nearly half of the gentlemen approached danger too quickly in only a quarter of the ladies.

More than half of men crossed the yellow light in only 14 percent of women. Only one percent of men trafficked dangerously, compared to only 1 percent of women.

Women also had a great advantage in road behavior, because 39 percent were always polite, compared to only 28 percent of men.

Men will find it difficult to swallow the results of the Privilege survey because only 13 percent of them think that women are superior to them at the helm. Only 28 percent of women have such self-confidence.