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How will an insurance broker help you?

How will an insurance broker help you? image

Everyone takes out insurance at some point in their lives. Then the questions arise, what is a broker, company, agent. Check out the Iandgbrokers website.

What is the work of the company

The insurance brokerage company is an intermediary. Broker selling services on behalf and for the account of the insurance company. It performs a specific activity, selects an adequate product according to the requirements of its client and offered by the insurance company. Protects the interests of its customers in all possible ways. If you want to be sure of the company, you can check if it is registered in the public register of the Financial Supervision Commission. The registration certificate is placed in a prominent place in the offices.

What are the functions of the broker

In this business, as in many others, it is important to build trust in the one who cares for his best interests.

The insurance intermediary is:

Legal entity - An intermediary selling the products of many companies. Its payment is governed by the premiums paid to the agency with which the agreement is signed.

Offers many products - The wide range of services and products includes a variety of a wide range of specialized services, some of which are risk assessment, consulting, claims settlement, servicing and contracting, etc .;

The most important requirements according to I&G:

What to expect from a good insurance broker, advice on the necessary qualities according to I&G Brokers:

  • The insurance intermediary is obliged to explain all the clauses and points of the agreement to its clients;
  • Negotiates the terms and the contract with the company;
  • Concludes the insurance contract with the company;
  • Must "remind" customers of the expiration of the contract;
  • He is obliged to assist in the case of claims against the company for the payment of the damages.

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