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The new cars of Sofia residents will be marked with "CB"

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 05 November 2014
The new cars of Sofia residents will be marked with

New license plates will mean the cars of Sofia residents from Monday. Instead of the current "C" and "SA", they will start with "SV" confirmed yesterday by the Sofia Traffic Police.

At the moment there are only 1000 signs left with "SA". Every day, about 300 citizens of Sofia change their registration numbers with new ones, reports the newspaper "Standart", which means that the remaining number of registration plates with "SA" will most likely be installed by Friday.

After the introduction of the new plates since 1992, the new initial letters are the third combination used for the people of Sofia. "SA" came into force in 2005, and since 2008 the circle of asterisks of the European Union has been written in front of the two letters instead of the Bulgarian flag.

Experts predict that the new letters will be enough for newly registered cars for the next 7 years. The statistics of the Sofia Traffic Police show that "C" has been exhausted in 13 years, and "SA" - in 9 years.

If you want two identical numbers - BGN 30, and four identical numbers cost BGN 1,000, but if you want a number like VANKO, you have to pay BGN 7,000. If you want the number to be easy, but also not to pay anything best is to use 3 identical numbers - for example 3331, experts advise.

In case you do not request a specific number, the Traffic Police uses different number coding systems. This is done in order for the Ministry of Interior to easily fill in the missing figures from the testimony in case of an accident.