Seven new parties are waiting for votes

Publish date 23 August 2013
Seven new parties are waiting for votes image

At least seven new parties and party associations will be waiting for the trust of citizens and their votes at the start of the autumn political season. The right is uniting in the Reformist bloc, writes "Trud".

The left, who are not in the BSP, are also calling for unification in the New European Left. The movement "D 21" of Tatiana Doncheva is also on the agenda.

Nationalists are preparing a Patriotic Bloc. Its foundations were laid by the infusion of PROUD of Slavi Binev into the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria of Valeri Simeonov.

New parties are emerging. Like the Roma "Unification, Progress and Justice" (OPS). Former Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Naydenov is also forming a party together with former GERB MPs.

The executive director of TV7 Nikolay Barekov announced that he is entering politics. Another party, Republika, is also on the Internet. So something is definitely wrong at the beginning of the political season.

The goal is transparent - to take votes in elections whenever they are.