Agricultural insurance - investment or not

Publish date 28 January 2020
Agricultural insurance - investment or not image

Agricultural insurance covers many risks, whether you are involved in crops or livestock. Although optional, it is a good investment and should definitely not be underestimated.

What does agricultural insurance protect us from?

If you have decided to develop in the field of agriculture, it will protect you and your crops from:

  • storm;
  • torrential rain and hail;
  • fires;
  • flood;
  • reliance;
  • in autumn cereals we also add frost, sleet, suffocation.

As far as livestock farming is concerned, the damages covered as a result of:

  • death or killing of animals as necessary;
  • accidents;
  • natural disasters;
  • fires;
  • non-communicable, contagious diseases;
  • diseases caused by parasites.

Why a successful agricultural business envisions it in its strategy

Every self-respecting businessman must have a good strategy for action and development. If you want to be successful, I and G Brokers advise you to take preventive measures regarding events that may lead you to loss. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid natural disasters, dry winters or hot summers, and it is possible that our crops will be destroyed. With regard to animals, even if we do everything necessary, an accident can happen to them. To be successful, despite the difficulties, we need to add I and G Brokers agricultural insurance to our business plan. It will help us to recover the damage caused by an insurance event and to quickly continue our business development.

Why look at this type of insurance as an investment according to

Why is it an investment! This insurance is mandatory, except when it comes to credit or land leased to tenants, but it is extremely important and useful. Each of us can imagine what a natural disaster, such as hail, would lead to. In addition to destroying the crop, the entire investment in the plantations also perishes. Quite often, people with business who have not resorted to insurance, in the event of an unpleasant event, give up their agricultural activities and start their lives, almost, anew. That is why insurance is a good investment. Thanks to it, you will not have to give up and you will be able, through compensation, to recover losses faster. In addition, if there was no damage during the insurance year, but you still renew the insurance contract, insurance companies offer special bonuses to their customers.