Full motor hull or partial - detailed inspection

Publish date 28 January 2020
Full motor hull or partial - detailed inspection image

Car insurance is among the most offered products of insurance companies. Auto Casco insurance is among the optional ones, but it is extremely useful. Its purpose is to cover damage to your car in the event of a car accident, theft or other consequences. Depending on what the insurance covers, we can divide it into two main types that I and G Brokers provide to their clients, namely full and partial motor hull insurance.

What does the partial motor hull cover?

It is allowed for both individuals and legal entities and can be concluded for all types of vehicles. The risks that the partial casco covers are:

  • natural disasters and fires;
  • damage due to impact with moving or immovable objects, impact with animals, people and other obstacles on the road;
  • damage to another vehicle, object or animal while the car is not in motion;
  • deliberate actions by third parties.

What does the full motor hull cover?

This is the best choice, as you will protect your car from literally everything you can think of. Initially, full motor hull insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but very soon after concluding it you will be convinced that it provides irreplaceable convenience. The full motor hull provides complete peace of mind against any risks, even those you can't imagine. To those that the partial helmet covers, we add:

  • vandalism;
  • theft;
  • participation in road accidents;
  • hail, earthquakes and other natural disasters;
  • scratches (damage to the parking lot) - yes, it covers even that.

Requirements and documents

Like any deal, there are requirements and a set of necessary documents for insurance. The documents you need are, first and foremost, your personal documents so that the insurer can fill in your details accurately. With regard to the car, you must carry a registration card - a small or large registration card and an invoice for purchase, in case the car was purchased by an official importer, a coupon for annual technical inspection, which will certify that your vehicle is technically sound. I and G Brokers advise you to gather all the necessary documents, because without meeting the requirements you can not take out insurance.

Which damages may not be covered

Each insurance company provides different conditions. There is standard damage, however, which in no case is covered. Such are, for example, theft of the car, if the small, large coupon or the keys are in it, damage to a car with an invalid technical inspection, old damage that was a fact at the time of concluding the insurance and others. With regard to the latter, in order not to fall into such a situation, be sure to pass an inspection when renewing the helmet.