Six places where you will get goosebumps, but not out of delight, but out of ... fear

Publish date 31 December 1899
Six places where you will get goosebumps, but not out of delight, but out of ... fear image

We all know how many fabulous places there are on Earth. However, there are few places that, even when we talk, make us shiver, and what is the feeling of visiting them.

1. Puppet Island in Mexico - Its land is owned by local farmer Don Julian Santana. According to legend, in 1950 he found a drowned girl in the canal and her spirit began to haunt him. To save himself, he hangs a doll on a nearby tree, but it soon becomes a mania. By the time he died in 2001, he had managed to collect more than 1,500 dolls hanging around his home. At the moment, the island has become a tourist destination.

2. Overtown Bridge in Scotland - In the middle of the XX century strange things began to happen there - dozens of dogs suddenly jumped from the bridge directly on the stones (the bridge is 15 meters high). Most of them died on the spot, and those who survived returned to the bridge and repeated.

3. The village of Jatinga - located in the mountains of the Indian state of Assam has long been nicknamed "bird cemetery". Every year in August, huge flocks of birds appear over the valley, which are thrown to the ground with shouts. The mass suicides lasted several days. Some of the birds die, others, as if hypnotized, allow people to take them in their arms and pet them.

4. Stanley Hotel in Colorado, USA - When Stephen King wrote The Shining, he was inspired by a real hotel - the Stanley Hotel in Istes Park, Colorado, USA. Visitors to the hotel testify to serious paranormal activity. Movements of objects without anyone moving them, strange "phenomena" appear on the photos, a piano that only plays, etc.

5. Aokigahara - the forest of suicides - has earned this grim fame with the fact that it is the second most popular place for suicide in the world after the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (and according to some data has even displaced it from the leading position in the sinister rankings) . It is estimated that at least 500 people have hanged themselves or died of overdoses in the forest since 1950. Despite warning signs, the number of suicides there is steadily rising, reaching a record 78 in 2002. Quiet and peaceful, the Aokigahara Forest has been called the "perfect place to die."

6. St. George's Church in the Czech Republic - This church was abandoned after part of the roof collapsed during a mass. Ghost sculptures were later added.