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Will a car be deregistered without Civil Liability

Publish date 26 October 2016
Will a car be deregistered without Civil Liability image

The procedure for deregistration of vehicles without civil liability will take at least one month.

After the Guarantee Fund provides the Traffic Police with information about the vehicle without Civil Liability, it will NOT be removed from the report immediately. The Traffic Police will send reminder letters to the owners of the vehicle. Each owner has one month to conclude Civil Liability after receiving the notification letter. If even after this period the vehicle does not have a renewed Civil Liability, it will be stopped!

For owners who do not want to have a full-fledged valid civil liability, they have the right to temporarily stop their vehicles.

The deregistration procedure of vehicles includes all vehicles - Motorcycles, agricultural machinery, caravans, etc. regardless of whether they are used all year round!

The procedure for putting the vehicle into motion is done with an application to the Traffic Police and providing a valid civil liability and a valid document for inspection of the vehicle.