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Is it worth having insurance when traveling abroad

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 15 December 2015
Is it worth having insurance when traveling abroad image

The long-awaited vacation is already a fact and it's time to go. We took the most necessary things with us, but did we forget to take out insurance from I&G Brokers? Some of you may think it's not necessary, but at the same time you can't imagine how important it really is. It is your guarantee that even in the event of an unpleasant situation, you will quickly get back on your feet and continue your vacation without any problems.

What does travel insurance include?

You may not have time to travel, but you may have to travel for work. And in this case it is good to insure yourself, because no one knows what could happen to him. It is even more unpleasant if the problem occurs abroad, because even if we know the language, it will not be so easy to deal with. Travel insurance when going abroad provides security and protection. They include:

  • medical problems and related costs, compensation for canceled travel;
  • compensation for lost, stolen or damaged luggage;
  • personal responsibility;
  • legal aid;
  • death or disability benefits.

For what period of time it is valid

The coverage of the insurance when traveling abroad is valid both in the cases when you organize your own vacation and you do not have a reserved hotel or tourist package for vacation, as well as in case of organized trips. You can make it individually or be common for the whole traveling group. Validity can be for one day, several weeks, months or a whole year, ie there is no limit. It is usually concluded for the period that your trip covers, and in the next one - you resort to a new one and choose suitable conditions for it.

How to make sure we have chosen the right insurer

It is good for each of us to turn to an insurer if he is about to travel. You do not have to insure yourself, but it will definitely make your stay more peaceful and secure. I&G Brokers offers travel insurance with a wide range of features. The conditions are completely transparent and you can always be sure that you have chosen the best. Due to the different conditions for concluding the insurance, you choose only what you consider important and necessary. The right insurer is the one who will first give us a competent opinion at the conclusion of the contract, and then quickly and easily compensate us in the event of an unforeseen situation. We at IG Brokers offer just that to protect you during your vacation or business trip.