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The sad story of a BMW 507 Roadster - the car of Elvis Presley

The sad story of a BMW 507 Roadster - the car of Elvis Presley image

In December 1958, Elvis Presley bought a white BMW 507 Roadster. He liked it while serving as a soldier in Munich, Germany.

They meet at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where BMW offers it for a test drive to potential buyers. Until the end of the exhibition, the car remained unsold, BMW took it home and gave it to journalists for testing.

Auto, Motor und Sport photographed her and put her on the cover of their magazine, and in the article they compared her to the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR. It then cost 26,500 German marks, about 340,000 euros.

BMW gave it to the driver Hans Stuck, who participated with her in Schauinsland-Rennen - to show what she is capable of. At the time, Pike was the brand's ambassador, and he was actually showing it to Elvis.

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