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Insurance conference "Driving is also a responsibility"

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 01 November 2013
Insurance conference

Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan from 01 November 2013 08:30 to 01 November 2013 13:30

More than 11,000 people in Bulgaria have died in road accidents in the last 12 years. This black statistic continues in 2013 - so far about 400 people have lost their lives and nearly 5,000 have been injured. The measures applied so far are temporary and do not sufficiently restrict reckless drivers. So far in our country there is no adequate way to fairly assess the behavior of road drivers. Many initiatives have been taken in Europe to address this issue, one of which is the application of the bonus-malus system in determining the price of car insurance.

A response to the desire to help reduce the number of victims of road accidents and to reduce the war on the roads is to organize the current

Insurance conference "Driving is also a responsibility".

The forum will discuss:

leading European practices in the application of the bonus-malus system in the formation of a fair price of liability insurance;
settlement of claims for non-pecuniary and moral damages;
IT solutions that can be used in road prevention.

Official website of the event: