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The first edition of the "Protect Your Home" Mission campaign has ended

The first edition of the

On February 23, BACB, together with the Municipality of Serdika and the 02nd Regional Fire Safety and Protection Service, launched a campaign to promote property insurance.

As part of the campaign, trainings were conducted for students - how to react to natural disasters and preparation for first aid.

In parallel with the trainings, a drawing competition was held on a topic related to disaster prevention and insurance.

Mission "Protect your home" lasted 5 months and ended with great success on June 21, 2016.

Both the participants with the best illustrations and the donors of the event were awarded at a solemn ceremony. The campaign was supported by 12 insurers and 19 insurance brokers.

The donors of the campaign were awarded certificates by the chairman of BACB Iveta Kunova.

I&G Insurance Brokers, as a member of BACB, was pleased to get acquainted with the work of young artists and gladly supported the information campaign Mission "Protect your home".