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7 habits that will make you more successful

Publish date 27 June 2016
7 habits that will make you more successful image

What would you change in your daily life to help your future self and become more successful?
Here are some tips that are sure to help. The only way to find out is to give it a try.

1. Choose a sport and turn it into a HOBBY - everything you do reluctantly is not fun. It's the same with sports. Try different sports until you find the one you really like. In addition to having a good effect on your health and tone, it will help you cope with the accumulated stress of a hectic daily life.

2. Keep notes - no one is insured to miss or forget something important. The easiest way is to write down everything you WANT or MUST do during the day. This allows you at the end of the day to compare the planned tasks with what you have actually done.

3. Try to waste less time and do not live on the weekends - yes, everyone loves the weekends, they are especially nice in the summer. But just think how much more useful you would be if during these 5 working days, you use every minute and do not look nervously at the clock, waiting for the end of the working day.
You will definitely be happier with yourself and on MONDAY the "carousel" will not start again.

4. Learn new things - do not be satisfied with what you know and can do so far. Live with the thought that there is always something new and useful to learn and how it will benefit you in the future. Knowledge always bleeds new horizons.

5. Be more practical, try to save - even a small amount, set aside from your salary to have when you need it. This way you will get rid of unnecessary thoughts and nerves from where to find. And what could be better than having them on your face when you want to buy something that will make you happier.

6. Spend time outside every day - whether before work or after, spend at least half an hour walking in nature, daily. You will find a big difference, especially if your lifestyle is associated with sitting in front of a computer for many hours.

7. Set small but achievable goals - better smaller goals than big and big ones that you can't accomplish. Start with simple things - for example, to read 20 pages of a favorite book every day, to do some exercises every day. Goals that you are sure will not hinder you. When you start to achieve them, you gain self-confidence, which prepares you for bigger projects.