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Insurance companies

Insurance brokers guarantee the timeliness of the tariff conditions offered by insurance companies.

DZI image

DZI is the company with the longest experience on the Bulgarian insurance market, founded in 1946. The company, a leader on the insurance market in Bulgaria, has been part of the Belgian banking and insurance group KBC since 2007. DZI develops and offers a full range of products. insurance and life insurance, as well as products related to health risks.

DZI offers the following types of insurance:

  • Car insurance - Motor third party liability insurance, Casco + insurance, Roadside Assistance;
  • Property insurance - Insurance Property for business, Insurance All risks, Insurance All risks in the performance of construction and installation work, Comfort for the home;
  • Liability insurance - General civil liability, Professional liability;
  • Health insurance - individual or family health insurance "Good Health", Treatment without borders, group health insurance "Comprehensive medical care";
  • Life insurance - EuroFuture Insurance and Investment Program, EuroInvest Insurance and Investment Program, Life Risk Insurance - DZI Dynamic, Universal Life Insurance - DZI Premium +, Group Life Risk Insurance;
  • Accident insurance - Protection, compulsory medical insurance for foreigners, Accident of persons in vehicles, Accident for athletes, Group insurance Accident, compulsory insurance "Occupational accident", Insurance Accident for students, Insurance - Accident - Accident insurance +, compulsory insurance Accident of passengers in public transport;
  • Travel insurance - Assistance in traveling abroad, Tourism in Bulgaria;
  • Agricultural insurance - Insurance of agricultural crops, Insurance of permanent and forest plantations, Insurance of animals, birds and beehives;
  • Transport insurance - Cargo during transport (Cargo), Liability of road freight carrier (CMR), Liability of the freight forwarder, Insurance of rail vehicles.