Insurance companies

Insurance brokers guarantee the timeliness of the tariff conditions offered by insurance companies.

OZOK Ins image

OZOK Ins AD (old name - OZOK - Health Insurance AD) is a joint stock company registered in 2008 under the name Municipal Health Insurance Fund AD.

OZOK Ins AD offers the following types of insurance:

  • Property insurance - Burglary, vandalism, armed robbery, Money at the box office and during transport, Insurance of construction and installation work, Accident of machines, Insurance of electronic equipment, Insurance against spoilage of frozen products in refrigerators, Insurance of hidden defects, Insurance of construction machinery and equipment, Comprehensive insurance of agricultural machinery, Housing and household property, Industrial fire;
  • Transport insurance - Cargo during transport (Cargo);
  • Accidents - Group Accident Insurance, Individual Accident Insurance, Accident of Pupils and Children from Kindergartens and Nurseries, Accident of Borrowers, Accident of Athletes;
  • Car insurance - Motor hull insurance;
  • Medical insurance.