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Insurance companies

Insurance brokers guarantee the timeliness of the tariff conditions offered by insurance companies.

Uniqa Bulgaria image

UNIQA Insurance Group AG is one of the leading insurers in its main markets in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. 20,000 employees and exclusive sales partners serve 9.6 million UNICA customers in 18 countries.

Uniqa Bulgaria offers the following types of insurance:

  • Car insurance - Civil liability, Motor hull insurance, Accident of the driver and passengers in the vehicle, Accident of passengers in public transport;
  • Property insurance - Combined insurance "Home & Happy", Home property insurance "First risk", Apartment insurance UNIQA pure, Combined insurance for small and medium enterprises "Business plan", Combined insurance for large enterprises "All risks: Property damage and interruption of the activity ", Insurance" Accident of machines ", Insurance of electronic equipment, Insurance" All risks of the entrepreneur ", Insurance of solar power plants;
  • Life insurance - Child insurance Life with additional coverage, Mixed life insurance with additional coverage for contingency security, Mixed life insurance with additional coverage, Life fund related to investment fund, Life insurance with investment, Long-term life insurance Prote ", Mixed insurance" from the Personal Future ", Group risk insurance" Life "with coverage COVID-19;
  • Health insurance - "UNIQUE for our health", Package health insurance "Health & Peace", International insurance "Health & Value", Group health insurance for Bulgaria "UNIQUE for our health", International health insurance "Health and value";
  • Transport insurance - Cargo insurance, CASCO of vessels;
  • Liability insurance - Motor carrier liability, Hotel guest insurance, General civil liability and product liability, Employer liability, Professional liability;
  • Travel insurance - Assistance when traveling abroad UNIQA pure, Insurance for multiple business trips (MULTITRIP), Protection for hobbies, sports or tourist activities in the mountains, Package accident insurance "UNICA Protection".