40% less car thefts in 2017

Publish date 23 March 2018
40% less car thefts in 2017 image

Car thefts have decreased by 40% in 2017. compared to the previous 2016 The most stolen cars are those aged between 8-10 years. The cars are driven in car mortuaries and sold in parts. Some of the gangs have their own car mortuaries. The most stolen car brands are "Volkswagen", "BMW", "Audi", "Mercedes" and "Toyota". About 2,600 cars were stolen, cut up and sold in parts last year. 1200 cars were stolen in Sofia. Only seven cars were found. Thefts of cars with the engine running have increased. According to the investigators, the thieves sell stolen older models of jeeps and cars at auto mortuaries and auto parts stores at prices between BGN 600 and 3,000. A group of car thieves earns about BGN 500,000 a year.