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Growth in sales of cars powered by alternative fuels

Publish date 21 March 2018
Growth in sales of cars powered by alternative fuels image

According to the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers / ACEA /, in the past 2017. in Bulgaria for purchased a total of 1300 vehicles powered by alternative fuels - electric cars and hybrid cars with electric drive. Compared to 2016, the growth is significant - 120%. The largest number of purchased new alternative cars was reported in Italy - over 230,000. The least number of cars with alternative fuel were purchased in Latvia - 492 and Lithuania - 767.

The main drivers for the entry of electric vehicles (albeit at a slow pace) are state and local subsidy policies, exemption from motor vehicle tax, lower premium for civil liability insurance, free parking, in most large cities, in the central city part where there are introduced zones for this.