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Statistics show: 2017 is a record year for insurers

Statistics show: 2017 is a record year for insurers image

2017 turned out to be a record for the insurance industry in Bulgaria. The current premium income in the total insurance amounts to BGN 1.752 billion. The road is over 10% compared to 2016. - 1.587 billion levs.

According to data from the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC), Bienna Vienna Insurance Group has the largest market share - 11.8%. The insurance revenues realized by the company are over BGN 206 million. Lev Inc Insurance Company ranks second with a realized premium income of over BGN 204 million. Armeec Insurance Company ranks third with almost BGN 195 million in realized revenue - 11.1% market share.

There is no change in the type of the portfolio of insurers and the share of the separate types of insurance. 70% of the income comes from car insurance. More than BGN 650 million come from the obligatory insurance "Civil Liability", and over BGN 566 million from the insurance "Casco".