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Agricultural insurance - the most important thing we need to know

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 28 December 2017
Agricultural insurance - the most important thing we need to know image

Agricultural insurance is associated with unforeseen risks, most often caused by climatic anomalies and various natural phenomena outside the human will and can lead to loss of funds invested by farmers. There are known large losses caused by hail, floods, frost, storm, hurricanes, droughts, frosts.

This is the reason why a significant part of the activity of insurance companies is focused on agricultural insurance in order to protect the property interests of agricultural enterprises, farmers and citizens.

Insurance in the agricultural sector falls into two main categories: crops and farm animals.


The object of insurance for agricultural crops may be: crops, orchards and vegetable gardens, vineyards, seedlings, crops in greenhouses and hothouses, ornamental plants, essential oils, perennials and newly established crops and more.

The coverage under this insurance includes quantitative and / or qualitative loss of agricultural crops, which occurred as a result of some of the following risks:

  • Storm and torrential rain;
  • Hail;
  • Root fire;
  • Reliance;
  • Freezing / pulling;
  • Damage from falling aircraft.


The objects of insurance for farm animals are: cattle (cattle, buffaloes), equidae (horses, donkeys), small cattle (sheep, goats), pigs, birds, fish, dogs, and beehives.

Coverage under this insurance includes death or forced slaughter (destruction) as a result of fire and natural disasters. It is possible for individual insurance companies to negotiate additional coverage for an additional premium, such as coverage for damages from expected and lost milk production, accidents, infectious and non-communicable diseases, medical expenses for treatment due to an unforeseen event and others.

For the risks of accidents and natural disasters, the insurance comes into force from 00.00 on the day announced for the beginning of the policy, and for diseases - after a 20-day quarantine period.

Fruit and vegetable growers can apply for financial assistance to insure their crops.

The Management Board of the State Fund "Agriculture" decided at its meeting the budget for 2017 for insurance of agricultural products - BGN 1.5 million.

The maximum amount of support that a farmer can receive is up to 65% of the value of the premium.

The aid aims to encourage small and medium-sized fruit and vegetable producers to insure agricultural products against adverse weather conditions. Farmers who are insured against losses caused by hail, torrential rain, flood, storm or shelter are supported.