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BEST DOCTORS or insurance that saves lives

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 21 January 2019
BEST DOCTORS or insurance that saves lives image

Growth of insurance against treatment of serious diseases abroad is reported in the insurance market. The insurance against serious illnesses costs from about BGN 13 per child and BGN 33 per adult per month. 40% of the income is paid as benefits. The growth is mostly generated by corporate clients. Health insurance abroad BEST DOCTORS offers the security that there is someone to take care of you in a difficult time. At an affordable price, you guarantee peace of mind for proper treatment abroad with the world's best specialists / doctors / with a limit of 2,000,000 euros.


A medical organization founded in 1989 by professors at Harvard Medical School. They have a global database of 50,000 physicians recommended as the best in their field by other physicians. Nearly 30 million customers in more than 30 countries, and now in Bulgaria.


In the event of a particularly SEVERE disease, there is nothing more important than providing the right treatment with the world's best specialists! Focus on providing the most competent medical opinion and conducting treatment in an institution of the "Best Doctors" network of the client's choice.


  1. Access to the best medical experts worldwide;
  2. Ensuring the correct diagnosis and treatment;
  3. Treatment in the best international hospitals;
  4. Affordable product for the health of the whole family;
  5. Easy process of concluding the insurance;
  6. Fast and convenient claim procedure;

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