Decline in car sales in the European Union

Publish date 16 January 2019
Decline in car sales in the European Union image

For the fourth consecutive month there is a decline in sales of new cars. In the last month of 2018. The downward trend continues - sales of new cars have decreased by 8.4% on an annual basis. In December 2018, 998,503 cars were registered, and for the same period in 2017. - 1 090 190). France has the largest declines - 14.5%, followed by Germany - 6.7%, Britain - 5.5% and Spain - 3.5%. Sales in Bulgaria also decreased in December by as much as 16.5% compared to the same month last year. Growth is observed only in Italy - the registration of new cars increased by 2.0%. I&G Brokers reminds you: If you are buying an unregistered car, new import, you must take out compulsory liability insurance. You will need it when registering the car with the Traffic Police. To conclude the insurance you must present a contract for the sale of the car. After registering the car, do not forget to return to the insurer to present the coupon of the vehicle.