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Do you want quality health care? This insurance is right for you

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 20 November 2017
Do you want quality health care? This insurance is right for you image

If you are looking for an additional way to insure yourself in addition to your compulsory health insurance, then there is already an option for this to happen.

The additional health insurance offers an opportunity for treatment on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria in freely elective medical establishments and an opportunity for conducting highly specialized research in order to diagnose and solve a given health problem. The client has the right to free choice of specialists and to reimbursement of medical expenses.

Health insurance is a voluntary, private use of packages of medical services, which may include prevention and preventive care, fast and accurate reimbursement of health problems, direct access to highly qualified specialists at national (and / or international) level, hospital and outpatient treatment. With health insurance we get better quality of health services and the speed of administrative services.

The price of the insurance depends mainly on the health condition, age, gender and health risks that the insured wants to be covered, as well as on the amount he can pay.

It is important to note that the supplementary health insurance, however, does not cancel the obligation to pay health insurance to the NHIF.

Packages, in general, can be divided into three types:

  • Basic - insurance with a limited range of health care, designed primarily for students and young people just starting work; this type of insurance is the cheapest (about BGN 250 per year);
  • Standard - insurance with an extended range of health care for middle-aged people (350-400 BGN per year);
  • Luxury - insurance for people with stable status and income, with the best possible health care (600-1000 BGN per year, but if the coverage includes medical care outside the country, the premium increases).


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