Drastic decline in sales of 23% of new cars in EU countries

Publish date 30 November 2018
Drastic decline in sales of 23% of new cars in EU countries image

According to the Association of Automobile Manufacturers in Europe, in September, sales of new cars fell by 23.5%. This is the first decrease from March so far.

In September, a new regulation "Procedure for testing vehicles worldwide" came into force, ie only models that have passed the cost test should be offered on the market. Stricter standards have created difficulties for carmakers.

Bulgaria, along with Croatia, are the only countries in which car sales grew by 8.5% compared to September 2017. 2758 is the number of new cars purchased last month.

I&G reminds you when and where you need to register a new car.

The car must be registered within 14 days of purchase, at the traffic police, at a permanent address.

Necessary documents:

  • Written application for registration (there are forms on the spot, they are given ex officio);
  • Documents for acquisition of ownership with data for identification of the vehicle (the contract and other documents that we have formed with the seller at the conclusion of the transaction);
  • Identity document (eg ID card);
  • Document for concluded Civil Liability Insurance;
  • Customs document for formalized import on the territory of the European Union (EU), if the vehicle is imported from a country outside the EU;
  • Documents in connection with the product tax (called ecotax), prepared and provided to me by the seller of the vehicle at the conclusion of the transaction.