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Every three days, the Mountain Rescue Service rescues one person

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 14 February 2018
Every three days, the Mountain Rescue Service rescues one person image

The ski season is already in full swing. In this regard, news of more and more mountain rescue operations is becoming more frequent. In the past 2017, 2670 cases of ski slopes were provided separately. A total of 2,780 people were helped by the volunteer teams. One rescue operation, a helicopter flight, costs about BGN 3,000. The price of a "Mountain Insurance" for one year is about 30 to 50 BGN. It can be concluded in 3 days, which is the minimum term. The amount of coverage for which the insurance can be made is from BGN 1,000 to BGN 10,000.

Coverage risks:

  • death as a result of an accident;
  • permanent disability due to an accident;
  • rescue costs - The Insurer covers actually incurred expenses for search, rescue, rendering of primary medical aid and transport, carried out by organizations, engaged in actions for search and / or rescue of the insured person (BRC, Civil Protection and Fire Brigade).