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Significant growth is marked by sales of new cars from the beginning of 2018

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 15 February 2018
Significant growth is marked by sales of new cars from the beginning of 2018 image

Data for the Association of Car Manufacturers in Europe, for the month of January 2018. trade in new cars in the European Union, managed to sell 7.1% more cars compared to the same period for 2017. Significant growth is in Spain - 20% and Germany - 12%. You are noticed if you sell a discount only in the UK - (-6.3%).

Most prefer brands in Europe, leave "Volkswagen", "Ford" and "Peugeot".

Here's what you need to know about Third Party Liability insurance when buying a new car:

  • If you have bought an unregistered car, new import, you must exclude the compulsory liability insurance. You will need to be required when registering a car with the KAT. To include the policy, you must present a contract for the purchase and sale of a car. After registering the car with the Traffic Police, you must return to the insurer to present the MRS coupon;
  • If you buy a registered car, the seller is obliged to provide you with all the documents on the current insurance - policy, control coupon, green card). Once you have the necessary documents, within 7 days, you must notify the insurer or insurance broker to complete the transaction. This is done with a written request for transfer of rights under insurance.