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Five ways to protect your home from thieves during the Easter holidays

Five ways to protect your home from thieves during the Easter holidays image

1. Before leaving your home, especially for a longer period of time, carefully check that the windows are closed. It is good that the windows of the doors and balconies are well reinforced. In 80% of cases, thieves enter through windows.

2. Equip yourself with a timer that turns on the lights only in the evening. If you leave the lights on, even during the day, this can be a bad joke. If your home is a target for someone - he will notice that the lights are on constantly.

3. Be careful who you let into your home! Days before committing a robbery, an experienced thief explores the area well - he may have entered your home and offered various services - rest, repairs, food delivery. This gives him good opportunities to inspect your home.

4. The investment in home protection is never bad and unnecessary - security system or other type of alarm system, camera (even a good replica of a real one), well-secured lock. Locks with manganese coating on the whole lock box are recommended.

5. If you are going to travel for a few days, do not tell many people. Warn your children or loved ones not to do the same.

It is not necessary to have home insurance, but it is highly recommended.