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Supplementary health insurance - an increasingly preferred benefit

Supplementary health insurance - an increasingly preferred benefit image

Corporate personnel insurance in Bulgaria is a service that is gaining more and more popularity as among Bulgarian companies. The interest in this type of insurance is dictated by a number of factors such as tax relief, incentives for employees and workers and maintaining their ability to work, presenting the company as a responsible and good employer and others. Currently, more than 10 insurance companies operate on the market in Bulgaria, offering health insurance as part of their products. The large number of insurers leads to strong competition in the market and the choice of insurer turns out to be a long and complex process.


To provide affordable and quality health care.

Services that include:

Prevention, Outpatient and Inpatient Medical Care, Health Care and Reimbursement of Expenses for Medicines and Aids to Insured Persons.

Scope of health insurance:

Bulgarian and foreign citizens under the age of 65, with normal and / or increased insurance risk.

Consumers of health insurance have the opportunity to:

  • Access to the best specialists and medical institutions;
  • Provision of additional services outside the scope of compulsory health insurance;
  • Personal involvement of the medical coordinators in the company and in the medical establishments in places;
  • VIP service in medical institutions.

Benefits for the company - consumer of health insurance:

  • Improving the health of employees and the quality of their work;
  • In case of insurance - fast service, short absence from work;
  • Stimulation and care for the staff - motivation for the employees, raising the image of the company;
  • Coverage of the obligatory prophylactic examinations according to the Health and Safety at Work Act and Ordinance 3.