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The first book of Dr. Nikolay Zdravkov has been published

The first book of Dr. Nikolay Zdravkov has been published image

On the World Book Day, April 23, the first book of Dr. Nikolay Zdravkov is published - "Financial Management of Insured Distribution".

In it, he examines the theoretical foundations, the regulatory framework and current issues of retail in the insurance sectors. The author is obliged to analyze the optimal financial management of a brokerage company, as well as the construction of a management financial model of an insured broker in the conditions of a dynamic regulatory environment.

The book begins with an address by Dr. Zdravkov to the reader:

"Have the courage to dream and set high goals. Remember that nothing is so good that it cannot get even better. Love everything you do, because then success will come to you. The success I wish you from the bottom of my heart! ”

Dr. Nikolay Zdravkov has extensive professional experience gained in expert and managerial positions in the field of insurance. He started his career in 1992 in ZPK Orel AD. He continued his professional development as Executive Director of Vi Vesta Insurance Company, and in 1998 participated in the establishment of the sales and subscription team of Euroins Insurance Group AD as Deputy Executive Director. For 11 years he has been the Executive Director of Asigest Holding, Italy. Since 1999 he has been the Manager of I&G Insurance Brokers OOD - an international insurance and reinsurance broker, occupying an undisputed leading position on the Bulgarian insurance market.