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See what the new changes in the Road Traffic Act from 22.06.2017 say.

See what the new changes in the Road Traffic Act from 22.06.2017 say. image

1. The road sign warning about cameras is lost.

The reason for imposing this change is that many speeding fines are lifted because this road sign was not placed before the radar.

2. Regulate inspections with patrols equipped with cameras.

In the last few years, 90% of traffic police cars have been equipped with cameras and microphones to record the inspection as a guarantee against corrupt practices. is recorded explicitly. According to the new changes, if the car of the Ministry of Interior has cameras, the inspection must be carried out within their scope.

3. Driving after using drugs will be punished by imprisonment.

Driving under the influence of drugs will be punishable by one to three years in prison.

4. The registration of a car is terminated, from six months to a year, if its owner has given it to someone who does not have a driving license.

Until the adoption of yesterday's changes, the sanction for this violation was to stop the car for up to a month.