10 habits that are a prerequisite for your success

Publish date 01 October 2013
10 habits that are a prerequisite for your success image

One can push one's head with all kinds of knowledge, but if one does not show what one knows, no one will understand. Everything related to success depends on being noticed, AskMen writes, and this happens when a person shows what he can and knows.
If you manage to master the following habits, you will present your qualities to the world (discreetly, of course). Just watch how people react to you.

Brag discreetly

Here the emphasis should be mainly on the word discreet. If you constantly trumpet for all your achievement and expensive gains, you will lose everyone's respect. People need to know that you succeed without looking like a braggart; bring things into conversations unnoticed. Mention your achievements, among other things, without going into details or use them in different stories.
However, do not talk entirely about yourself. Show respect when you have to. By acknowledging the success of the people around you, you are preparing the ground for the same in the future.

Be good at communication

Wondering why companies nowadays spend so much money on PR? The reason is that effective communication has never been more important. You need to have the right words to convey the right meaning and eliminate any possibility of misjudgment by people who are just looking for flaws. Choose your words carefully. Be specific and pay attention to the context. Words can be distorted beyond recognition if not used carefully. If you can't say something good about someone, you better not bother to say anything.

Listen to others

Don't just nod in anticipation of the end, but really listen to them. You never know how much valuable information can come out of a simple tease, for example.

Retire with finesse

Sometimes you just have to end a conversation or leave an important company quickly. You can just stand there and listen politely, but you have more important things to do. Successful people know how to direct the conversation with the class and can end it just as elegantly. Don't make excuses for leaving because you don't have to. Besides, apologies sound unfair. Instead, thank the other party for the time and say goodbye. It is.

You have to deal with situations with style

Be aware of the more sophisticated things in life You may be a real encyclopedia of sports, but so what. A successful person is a connoisseur, a bon vivant, a person whose character can only be described in French words. Knowing the more sophisticated things shows class and culture. Shows that you can behave like equals at a high level. So read books, visit museums and work on your class.

Have good manners

Speak in public It's high time to shake off your fear of public speaking. Very few great men were hermits. Practice as a speaker in front of friends, for example. When you can talk to more people without worries, you get a new audience to reveal your knowledge to. Here's another thing: Good speakers are rare, and that's why they are always admired for the confidence and ease with which they do so.

Maintain a network of contacts

The more people you know, the more opportunities you will have. Knowing a lot of people means that you like and are wanted. However, maintaining a network of contacts requires work. You need to return phone calls and respond to emails quickly. Strive to be seen as trustworthy and trustworthy. Talking to people every day works wonders. Everyone from the baker to the person sitting next to you on the bus can be a potential connection to something good. You also need to do people a favor, even if you don't expect them to thank you. Most people know how to give thanks and your kindness will pay off one day, probably twice.


This does not mean tanning while lying on the beach. This is about expanding your horizons by visiting different places. When you travel, it shows that you are interested in the world and want to absorb different things from other cultures. Those who travel a lot also have interesting stories to tell. They fascinate people with stories about foreign lands. They have encountered sounds, smells and sights that many are not, and are happy to share them. Translation: A person who travels a lot is broad-minded and less likely to cling to any fanatical ideals.

Have a positive attitude

Have you ever spent an afternoon with a temerut and then remembered it as an amazing experience? Of course not. Nobody likes such people. You need to radiate positive energy that people can enjoy. You need to be a well of inspiration and show that you are confident and in control of your destiny. So stop being the person who always worries. You will not achieve anything with worries. However, if you smile, are a source of pleasure and make the best use of the present, this is something else.

Dress well

What you look like is the first thing people see and the first thing they judge you by. Here are the main things: Dress according to what is fashionable at the moment. Take good care of yourself and be clean-shaven. Smell good, but not too strong.

Source: profit.bg