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3141 Bulgarians bought a new car for Christmas

Publish date 20 January 2016
3141 Bulgarians bought a new car for Christmas image

3,141 new cars were sold in December in Bulgaria, according to data from the Association of European Car Manufacturers.

For comparison, in December 2014, 1932 new cars were purchased. Or sales of new cars in Bulgaria in December were more than 62% stronger than the same month last year, with only the Netherlands and Cyprus, the EU countries covered by the statistics, having higher growth.

For the year the deals with new cars in the country are 23,500, which is by 15.4% stronger result than in 2014.

For the EU countries the growth in December and the most serious since the revival of the market - 16.6%, formed by almost 1.11 million cars sold. Of the large markets, Spain (+ 20.7%), Italy (+ 18.7%) and France (+ 12.5%) are the strongest. The record is held by the Netherlands (+ 91%), Cyprus (+ 72.8%) and Bulgaria (62.6%).

For the whole of 2015, sales of new cars in the EU countries are over 13.2 million, and the growth is 9.3%. This result is better than in 2010, when the economic crisis was in full swing, but still low compared to pre-crisis levels. From the big markets again Spain (+ 20.9%), Italy (+ 15.8%) and France (+ 6.8%) are the best. Followed by the United Kingdom (+ 6.3%) and the largest European market Germany.

As for the best in Europe during the year, the most serious growth was recorded in Ireland (+ 29.8%), Cyprus and Portugal with 25 percent each. Bulgaria is tenth in terms of increasing demand.