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An American staged his death due to insurance

Publish date 16 September 2014
An American staged his death due to insurance image

The American insurance company American General Life Insurance announced before a federal court that it has revealed a complex scheme of insurance fraud. The company's lawyer claims that Jose Lantigua (pictured), owner of two Circle K Furniture stores, staged his death in Venezuela by bribing and falsifying documents.

Lantigua's son, Joseph, demanded that the insurance company pay him $ 2 million in life insurance for his father, but the insurance company said the man was alive, although they had not yet provided conclusive evidence.

Lantigua is an entrepreneur of Cuban origin. In March 2013, he left for Caracas, Venezuela, where he died of a heart attack. He was immediately cremated and pronounced dead by the US Embassy in Caracas.

However, the company's lawyers claim that the documents for the man's death were signed by a doctor, a funeral director and an employee of a cremation office without seeing the body.

The cremation was performed in a center located 400 km from the place of the man's death, for which there is no clear explanation.

In February, it became clear that the death certificate was forged.

The trial continues next month.