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Celebration of 177 years since the birth of Vasil Levski

Celebration of 177 years since the birth of Vasil Levski image

Today Bulgaria celebrates 177 years since the birth of Vasil Levski. The Apostle of Freedom is the ideologue of the Bulgarian liberation movement, one of the brightest examples in our modern history.

Born on July 18 in Karlovo, Vasil Ivanov Kunchev received his nickname Levski because of his exceptional physical data and courage. In Georgi Rakovski's legion in Belgrade, he jumped over a pit with a "lion" jump.

After attracting the bravest Bulgarians with his idea of ​​freedom, in 1872 the Apostle of Freedom was betrayed and captured in the Kakrin Inn near Lovech. He was convicted and hanged near Sofia on February 19, 1873.

To this day, the words of Vasil Levski are passed down from generation to generation and he remains an ideal for all Bulgarians.

Here are some of the Apostle's most famous thoughts:

If I win, I win for an entire nation - if I lose, I lose only myself.

Time is in us and we are in time.

Deeds are needed, not words. People's work is above all.

It is up to us to be equal with other European nations.

We are completely burned by burning and we still don't know how to blow.

You need an exam for everyone. Because there are examples: today he is a man, and tomorrow - a donkey.

We are playing with the lives of 7 million Bulgarians - we must act maturely.

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