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Ten health funds are already licensed as insurers, three are awaiting approval

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 13 August 2013
Ten health funds are already licensed as insurers, three are awaiting approval image

Until August 7, when the one-year term for re-licensing of health funds as insurers expired, 10 companies received a new license. Another three will be part of insurers, and two will merge with other licensed health funds.

If a fund has not taken permission to continue its activities, it must be closed and the contracts with its insured - terminated. So far, there have been four such cases - DOM Zdrave has voluntarily given up its activities. For three companies, it is still unclear - they have submitted documents, but since this has happened recently, there is still no decision of the Financial Supervision Commission whether they will receive a new license. These are "European Health Insurance Fund", "Planet" and "Health Insurance Institute". Companies can obtain a permit and continue to operate after that, but until then they are not allowed to operate.

After the changes, all insured persons will have to sign new contracts to continue their insurance, already in the form of an insurance policy. The new contracts are for both the personally insured and the employers who make contributions for their employees.

As a practice, the work of health companies will not change, ie. there is no obstacle for the services you have received so far to remain the same.