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Today we can observe a solar eclipse

Today we can observe a solar eclipse image

Today we can observe the first solar eclipse this year. The partial closure of the Sun by the Moon will be visible from the territory of our country and from most of Europe.

The total phase of a solar eclipse will be observed from the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands and the Svalbard archipelago.

In these areas, the total eclipse phase will last 2.49 minutes and the partial eclipse will last about 4.10 hours.

In our country, the hiding of the Sun from the Moon will begin exactly at 10:42 and will last 2.16 hours. At 11:49 (for the region of Sofia) nearly 53% of the Sun will be covered by the Moon.

Due to the dense clouds, however, today it is not favorable to observe the eclipse. Therefore, you can monitor the phenomenon online. Slooh Observatory has provided a team to film it.

However, if you want to see the eclipse live, do not do it with the naked eye, but be sure to use special protective sunscreens.

You can follow the shooting here: