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How to pay damages under civil liability after an accident

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 18 August 2020
How to pay damages under civil liability after an accident image

In fact, the claim is the material result of the insurance. The first and most important thing is that the notification of damage is the responsibility of the insured. The insurer requires prompt notification of the damage and sets limits within the period within which the claim should be filed. The way in which the claim is usually made is by filling in an appropriate form.

How insurance claims are settled

Each insurer adopts internal rules for the activity of settling claims under insurance contracts. The rules regulate the procedures by which the insurer:

  • accepts claims for damages;
  • gather evidence;
  • assesses the damages caused;
  • determines the amount of benefits;
  • makes payments;

The internal rules for the activity of settling claims under insurance contracts are publicly available, and each insurer is obliged to publish them on its website.

How to get Civil Liability benefits

If an accident has occurred, only with material damage, a bilateral statement of findings shall be filled in. In case of disagreement between the parties - who is to blame for the accident, a team of traffic police visits the scene. They draw up a standard accident report, determining who is to blame for the accident. In order to file a claim under the Civil Liability Insurance to the insurer of the driver responsible for the accident, you should prepare the following documents:

  • accident report or bilateral statement of findings;
  • certificate of your bank account;
  • documents for paid expenses;
  • car documents;
  • your personal documents.

In addition to the above documents, in order to receive payment of compensation under the Civil Liability Insurance, you must provide the insurer with access to the damaged vehicle. The insurance company must make the necessary inspection, record and describe the damage. This inspection shall be carried out in the liquidation centers designated for that purpose.

What happens after you have submitted the necessary documents

Within 45 days from the date of filing a claim for compensation under the Civil Liability, the insurer has the right to request from you additional documents - evidence. Within 15 working days from the presentation of all evidence with the insurer must determine and pay the amount of compensation by bank transfer or send a letter of refusal in which the reasons are substantiated. It is important to know that the term for a final ruling on a claim under the Civil Liability Insurance cannot be longer than three months from the date of its filing.

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