What are the most common reasons for home insurance

Publish date 19 September 2022
What are the most common reasons for home insurance image

Our home is not just a place, it is a feeling. Terry Pratchett said, "You weren't anywhere until you got home," and we totally agree with him. If home means so much to you, make sure you protect it with property insurance.

What are the main concerns of people regarding their home

When you were away from home and left it unattended, you no doubt had anxious thoughts and doubts. We have all had a sense of misery related to our home. Such as whether you forgot an appliance turned on, whether you locked the front door, whether you closed the windows. In most cases, we have no reason for this negative emotion - a premonition. The worries of people related to their home are often expressed in the fact that it does not become the object of:

  • burglary;
  • vandalism - breaking glass;
  • fire;
  • flood;
  • short circuit;
  • electric shock;
  • others.

Why insure your home

There is a well-known tendency that Bulgarians first insure their car - with a casco and the obligatory "Civil Liability" and only then take out home insurance. One of the main reasons to insure your home is the security that this type of insurance gives you. -Long trip - vacation or business trip, you will be more relaxed because your home is protected.You can add coverage for additional rooms to your home - basement, attic and garage.Even if an event occurs while you are away, the insurance will be take care to compensate for unforeseen expenses.

How to choose the most suitable insurance for your home - tips from I&G Brokers

I&G Brokers advises you to compare offers from several insurance companies before deciding where to insure your home. There are two options for concluding a policy - to choose a package insurance or to determine for yourself what risks to be included and their limits.

This is possible by filling out a questionnaire - a proposal provided by the insurer. An example of a package insurance is "I love my home", which is intended for owners, tenants or users of an apartment, house or villa. For properties up to BGN 200,000, in most cases, no inspection is performed and no inventory of the insured movable property is required to cover the risks of “theft” and “robbery”. This allows the insurance contract to be concluded easily and quickly online. In just a few minutes you can protect your home from unforeseen situations.