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Is it worth doing motor hull insurance for an old car

Publish date 10 September 2020
Is it worth doing motor hull insurance for an old car image

Undoubtedly, the car is of great value for Bulgarians, judging by the insurance they mainly take out. In the first place, among the used insurance products are civil liability - 63%, followed by casco insurance with 22%. Motor hull insurance is a type of voluntary insurance. Thanks to the many risks covered, your vehicle is protected from unforeseen situations that can bring you unpleasant emotions:

  • Accident - even if it is your fault;
  • theft and robbery;
  • vandalism - arson;
  • fire and explosion;
  • natural disasters - storm, flood, hail;
  • flood;
  • short circuit;
  • others.

Is the car fleet in Bulgaria old?

According to recent studies, the average age of the car fleet in the European Union is increasing. The percentage of old cars over the age of 20 is high in Poland and Estonia. Along with them, Bulgaria occupies the last places in the ranking. As a percentage, we can look at the car fleet in our country, dividing the cars in it into the following age categories:

  • over 20 years - about 25%;
  • from 10 to 20 years - about 60%;
  • up to 10 years - about 10%;
  • up to 5 years - only 5%.

In our country about 4 million cars are registered annually, and only tens of thousands are deregistered.

Is it worth concluding a motor hull insurance for an older car

One of the main benefits of motor hull insurance is saving money in the event of various events. Auto Casco allows you and gives you the opportunity for a significantly small amount, compared to the price of the vehicle, to transfer the risk to someone else - your insurer. You ensure your peace of mind because you know that there is someone to rely on in case of accidents, theft, robbery, hail and other unforeseen and unwanted events. The myth that the premium goes up if your car is old or used for a long time is the main reason we don't insure it. Many people are surprised to learn that the amount they have to pay for motor hull insurance is no more than that for civil liability.

Why Casco "For You" is a suitable insurance product for old cars

Casco "For You" is an insurance product designed for owners of cars and trucks, offered only in the offices of I&G Brokers. It is concluded under the general terms and conditions of Casco + insurance of DZI-General Insurance EAD (DZI). One of its biggest advantages is that you can use a trusted service, no matter how old your car is. Another great advantage is that you have the opportunity to choose the sum insured, and no alarm and immobilizer is required. It is important for every user of a motor hull insurance to know that the policy comes into force after an inspection of the car by the insurer. At Casco "For You" it is done directly in the office of I&G Brokers, as soon as the policy is concluded. This way your insurance is valid without wasting time looking at the insurer.