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What are the new advantages of motor hull

What are the new advantages of motor hull  image

The new thing in the car insurance "For you" is:

  • the insurance amount of the helmet is from 2 to 20 thousand BGN of your choice;
  • you choose an option for repairing the damage - with a trusted service or after an expert assessment;
  • the inspection of the car is performed on site - in the office of I&G;
  • use of preferential prices for passing an annual technical inspection in the CBA.

What conditions for the motorcycle helmet "For you" must you meet

To take out the new type of motor hull insurance you must meet the following conditions:

  • the car you will insure with a hull should have a maximum of 9 seats;
  • if it is a truck, with a total weight of not more than 2.5 tons;
  • the car must be over 4 years old.

Who can't use this product

You cannot conclude a casco "For you" if:

  • in the last 3 years you have had Casco insurance from DZI;
  • the car has a right-hand drive;
  • if the car will be rented, it will be used as a taxi, it will be for training of future drivers or for racing purposes.

What are the stages of insurance

In order to conclude "For you" insurance from the new hull insurance, you must first meet the new conditions described in the previous point, the following steps are the same as with the standard motor hull insurance:

  • filling in the online calculator with the complete and correct data of your car;
  • choice of sum insured and way of repairing the damages;
  • you must bring the necessary documents - a copy of the coupon, the invoice (if purchased brand new) and a document for annual technical inspection.

Where can I make a request

You can request a motor hull insurance by phone, email address or 24/7 online chat on the I&G website. Before proceeding to conclude a casco "For you" you should know that there is an increase in the premium in the following cases:

  • the owner of the vehicle is up to 25 years old;
  • for BMW and Audi cars.

Why trust I&G Brokers?

I&G offers a variety of products, and their main goal is to offer their customers greater insurance coverage at affordable prices. In addition, the company also offers online insurance, which is fast, easy and practical, and our data is protected. On the online chat on the site you can take advantage of round-the-clock communication with specialists for any questions. You can easily trust I&G, because they are a broker who works to protect their clients, defends their interests and provides full assistance in the event of an event.