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Casco calculator - everything you need to know

Publish date 15 January 2020
Casco calculator - everything you need to know image

Auto Casco insurance covers total or partial losses due to fires, thefts, natural disasters, catastrophes and others. It is available online, and to conclude it you need to use a special calculator. He will calculate the premium on the policy, and then you will be able to choose the most suitable offer for your needs.

What information does it require

To take out insurance quickly, easily and at a time convenient for you, take advantage of the online service. Calculators are different for different types of insurance. With "Auto Casco" you can choose a sample calculation and view the offers offered by different companies, as well as compare prices. You can also take advantage of a personalized offer, which is an exceptional bonus for you, as you will only pay for what you really need. You will not have to pay for anything you do not want to insure your car against. To do this, you must fill in correct and accurate information, namely:

  • data about the owner of the car - names, PIN, phone;
  • data on vehicles - make, type of fuel, engine capacity, power, year of manufacture and others;
  • registration number - not required when filling in.

You are also required to indicate whether your car has other valid insurances and whether you have a preference for an insurance company. You must also fill in a field in which you indicate special activities for which you use your vehicle. Such are considered taxi services, transportation of dangerous goods, car rental and others.

How to work properly and quickly with it

I and G Brokers recommend that you fill in the vehicle details carefully. For everything to be correct, use the car registration certificate, also called a large coupon. Extract all the necessary data from it, instead of filling in the fields by heart, so that you do not have to go through the procedure again and lose valuable time for you. The calculator is actually the request for your Casco insurance, so fill in all the fields correctly without missing. Again, we remind you that in order not to encounter difficulties with filling in and not to be delayed with the procedure, use the large coupon from which to take the necessary data.

Why the motor hull calculator of I and G Brokers will do a perfect job for us

Thanks to it we can insure online without having to look for insurance companies in our area, to wait in lines and waste valuable time. The casco calculator of I and G Brokers can be filled in at any time of the day. It makes it as easy as possible for you and thanks to it, you can take out your insurance within a few minutes. After you have filled in the data correctly, we will contact you and inform you about the price.