What is civil liability for people using firearms

Publish date 11 March 2020
What is civil liability for people using firearms image

The General Civil Liability Insurance guarantees protection against claims brought by third parties due to bodily or property damage caused as a result of the use of firearms. The policy also includes court costs, such as legal fees, court fees and expert compensation. I and G Brokers offer flexible insurance policies.

Individuals or legal entities can be insured

"General Civil Liability" is aimed at representatives of firearms. It can be concluded by any person, natural or legal, who has a permit to acquire, carry, use and store firearms. The obligation can be secured in connection with the use of weapons for self-defense and hunting. This policy is used for employees in security companies to cover the trouble that may be caused during work.

What is included

The most important conditions in summary form, which are covered by this type of insurance are:

  • Material or non-material damage inflicted on a third person, including death or bodily injury causing disability;
  • Inflicted material damages on the possession of a third person, which occurred during the insurance period;
  • Costs for settling written claims.

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What is the procedure for payment of damages

The agreement is signed for a period of 1 year. A longer period can be agreed, at the request of the user. Insurance coverage starts from the moment marked as the beginning of the policy. The procedure for executing the insurance event is:

  • If it has led to a request under the current insurance, a letter notifying the Insurer must be sent no later than the term described in the general terms and conditions of the contract. The client must comply with his actions to eliminate the consequences, and then to acquaint the insurance company with all the circumstances and materials in the case;
  • All documents and materials relevant to the case must be preserved until its final settlement.

The insurance company is obliged to pay the damages within the agreed term, if the client has fulfilled the above conditions.

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