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What insurance brokers advise us

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 05 November 2015
What insurance brokers advise us image

In this article we will briefly outline some of the most sought after and recommended types of insurance that life and standards in Bulgaria impose on us. Whether because of the problems related to health reforms or because of the war on the roads, or for a bunch of other reasons, but there are insurance proposals that are good for the average Bulgarian to think about.

Of course, the need for these types of insurance is a fact, but the problem remains how to find the right company and the best insurance offer that meets our needs. In this regard, the specialists from one of the most popular and established in Bulgaria brokerage insurance companies "I&G Brokers" ("I&G Brokers") offer us not only help in finding the best insurance offer, but also provide negotiation of possible the best conditions for concluding a contract, as well as take on the function of an insurance lawyer who defends and fights for the interests of his clients before the insurance company. In view of the recommendations of I&G Brokers and the living conditions in Bulgaria, we present you several types of insurance that are good to insure.

Property insurance

This type of insurance protects you financially in cases where your property - whether movable or immovable - is affected by unforeseen accidents. A property insurance contract can be concluded against fire and natural disasters, other property damage, theft and vandalism, construction and installation risks, industrial fire and others. In this sense, there are different types of property insurance according to its nature. The list of financial benefits covered by them includes damage to any type of tangible fixed assets, homes, villas, offices, farms, appliances, appliances, machinery, equipment, works of art, as well as precious metals, precious stones, electronic equipment, construction sites and much more. If you own valuable property, it is always better to insure yourself through its insurance.

Life insurance

As unpleasant as the thought of the need for it is, it is completely justified. With its help you provide not only yourself but also your loved ones and family. When choosing the right life insurance for you, it is good to know that different companies have many offers, varying in the amount of contributions and benefits, the time for which the insurance will be valid (from 1 to 30 years), as well as against What are the accidents. One of the most reasonable proposals is for life insurance with a savings character, in which your contributions are partially converted into a savings deposit. Children's life insurance is also useful because it is also frugal and ensures the child's future in the event of an accident with the parents.

Health insurance

Health insurance can be individual or group (corporate). This type of insurance is an advantage for more serious health problems and this determines the need for them. They allow treatment in healthcare facilities of the client's choice, provide an opportunity to reimburse the cost of medicines, as well as help with research in specialized centers, and again the client decides which specialists to turn to. Health insurance is useful in health care, which unfortunately health insurance in Bulgaria does not provide.

Car insurance

Unlike Civil Liability, Auto Casco is not mandatory for every motor vehicle owner, but is optional, but it provides some additional benefits for you and your car. In addition to road accidents, it covers damage from fire and natural disasters, theft and robbery or vandalism. If we have to be more specific, "Auto Casco" as an insurance combines the qualities of "Civil Liability" and property insurance. Its advantage is that it covers almost all types of accidents that can happen to your car and its main purpose is to indemnify you, but just like "Civil Liability" the prices and contributions of this insurance are determined by the characteristics of the vehicle, the way of payment, the territorial validity of the insurance and others.