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Traffic police shoots with cameras for BGN 6,000

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 05 January 2015
Traffic police shoots with cameras for BGN 6,000 image

The cameras with which the Traffic Police will record us this year cost almost BGN 6,000.

Before the Christmas holidays, the Ministry of Interior asked the Guarantee Fund to buy 120 cameras and other funds intended for traffic police for BGN 1.3 million. The Traffic Police directly indicated from which company to buy the equipment - Sectron Ltd.

"We are talking about 120 cars with video cameras for up to BGN 700,000. The remaining money - up to BGN 1.3 million, is for other technical means and investment activities ", explained to" Trud "the Secretary General of the Guarantee Fund Nikolay Sotirov. For information, the Guarantee Fund is a legal entity that deals with the payment of benefits under the compulsory insurance "Civil Liability" of motorists and "Accident" of passengers in public transport.

According to the law, every year 5% of the fund's revenues go to the Ministry of Interior. Usually they amount to between BGN 1 and 2 million, it has been established practice that instead of transferring the funds, the Interior Ministry only "orders" what to buy for this money.

Thus, the Ministry of Interior does not make public procurements, and the fund buys. It is good to know that the Guarantee Fund operates under the Insurance Code, which nowhere provides for an obligation to organize public procurement.

Nikolay Sotirov, the General Secretary of the fund, promised before Christmas to report on what things and from which companies were bought for the needs of the Interior Ministry.

The company executing the order - "Sectron" Ltd. refused to comment on the deal. The equipment of a car with cameras from this company costs approximately BGN 5,900. This is the price for one recording device and two mini-cameras, which are placed on the front and rear window of the patrol.

There are several companies in Bulgaria that deal with delivery and installation of video recording devices. One of the largest companies for this type of equipment Vektor - navigator, which has equipped the police in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and much of Russia, offered Trud for 113,000 euros. This makes an average of BGN 1,900 per recorder and two cameras.

The Ministry of Interior did not want to comment on the criteria for the company Sectron OOD for the delivery of the cameras.

After the scandal with the bribe-taker, who took a bribe of BGN 20, which exploded on the Internet, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov announced that no matter how many tons of drugs the Ministry of Interior seizes, people lose confidence in the state when they see a corrupt police officer. And demanded urgent anti-corruption measures.

In this regard, Interior Minister Veselin Vuchkov announced an ambitious plan to equip cars with cameras. At the last cabinet meeting, Borissov called on Interior Minister Veselin Vuchkov to hasten the introduction of video recording during traffic police inspections to end corrupt practices.

Borissov even announced that the cameras were more valuable than the police and allowed Vuchkov to "cut live meat". The Interior Minister explained that at the beginning of this year the first traffic police cars will be equipped.

The trial will initially start in the province, as both the Security Police and the Traffic Police patrolled there.